Hybrid Sports Chiropractic

Fast, Effective, Efficient, and Focused on what you need


Get the focused, hands-on care you need and deserve. Don’t let our name fool you, we know how effective chiropractic manipulation can be, which is why we utilize it often.

Injury Specialist

Take your recovery seriously! Have your injuries evaluated by someone who’s seen it before. We specialize in all types of injuries and our top priority is to get you back to 100% faster!

Problem Solving

Spend time with someone who’s main focus is on the details. Maybe it’s your posture, or how you walk, or maybe you just sit too much? Whatever the case may be, let us help you solve it!

Sports Medicine

Get access to the most current, researched methods that are proven to help you heal faster! Curious if you should be using ice? Maybe heat is better? We’re here to answer all of these questions, and more!

Our Story

Hybrid Sports Chiropractic was born out of necessity. Long-term, bloated treatment plans are a thing of the past. So are activity limitations and relying on your doctor to “put you back together”. Our clinic merges the tried and true methods of chiropractic care with the latest principles of sports medicine, pain science, and active care.

Our biggest priority is to return you to your normal lifestyle, as quickly as possible. We focus our treatments on YOUR outcomes, by providing you with an optimal mix of: at-home stretches, exercises, activity recommendations, workout ideas, and tips/tricks to help you as much as possible. Every visit is comfortable, effective, and efficient, which will help you feel better, heal faster, and spend less time at the doctors office.

Outcomes Based

Is your injury keeping you from work? Or maybe you feel limited when playing with your kids. 

Whatever the case may be, our goal is to get you back as fast as possible. Every specific treatment will  be aimed and focused on you and your goals. When you reach your treatment goals, we will release you from care. It’s as simple as that!

Shorter Treatment Plans

At Hybrid Sports Chiropractic, we know that chiropractic care has a bit of a bad rap. But, we are here to help you experience the difference. We aren’t here to maximize your insurance benefits or scare you with xrays; we are here to get you better, faster. That means less time in the treatment room, and more time with the peope that matter most to you. 

Stretches and Exercises

One word- accountability. This is the heart and soul of our approach; we provide you with specific at-home stretches and exercises based on what you need to help you get better faster. If your current doctor doens’t have a list of stretches for you, it might be time to upgrade.

Injury Prevention and Management

Not only will we help you get better, faster. But one of our mission statements is to help you stay healthy. We intertwine the principles of sports medicine with movement assessment principles to help you unwind your muslce imbalances and keep your body going. 

Comfort and Safety

Chiropractic treatment can be scary. We’ve all had that one friend with a horror story… Don’t let that deter you! If you have any concerns about recieving care, we offer lighter, more gentle treatments for people of all ages to accomplish the same outcomes.