Get Relief Now

You're an individual and you deserve an individual treatment plan. If you’re tired of being told that you need to see your chiropractor 3 times per week forever, or you’re fed up with your 2-3 minute “factory-style” adjustments then you're in the right place; this is the chiropractic care you’ve been looking for. Instead of short appointments, high volume, and bloated treatment plans, Dr. Sipress uses the latest tools in Chiropractic and Sports Medicine to help you get out of pain FAST and get you back doing the things you love most. 


Get the focused, hands-on care you need and deserve. Don't let our name fool you, we know how effective chiropractic manipulation can be, which is why we utilize it often.

Manual Therapy

Take your recovery seriously! Manual therapy is a blend of massage, stretching, and movement, blended into a functional therapeutic package or releif.  It is designed to help unwind the stresses of your daily, athletic life!

Corrective Exercise

Spend time with someone who's main focus is on the details. Maybe it's your posture, or how you walk, or maybe you just sit too much? Come learn about the turkish get-up, hip-hinging, kettlebell swings, and so many more!

Movement Analysis

Get access to the most current, researched methods that are proven to help you heal faster! Curious if you should be using ice? Maybe heat is better? We're here to answer all of these questions, and more!